Copyright: 1995 by Michael Dunn

Original Bronze

Edition Size: 1

Size: 12.5" x 10.5" x 5.5"

Price: $2750

This is the second in the a series of 3 sculptures based on the concept of Infinity. This one relates to the never-ending cycle of life, it's twists and turns, ins and outs, rough spots and times that are smooth and polished, and how the serendipity of it all brings one around to the same conclusions from time to time.

It's been shown in a few galleries and exhibitions here in California, but I've not actively tried to market it as I still like it and the whole concept it represents. It's one of those sculptures that grows on you with time and touching, and unfortunately, due to it's complexity and the fact that it was originally modeled in wax, which was lost in the casting process, there's just one of them.

It sit's well without a base, but if you'd like I can mount it on either a Wood or Black Granite base for an additional charge.

A Certificate of Authenticity and a Transfer of Original Artworks accompanies it.

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